About me…

I am an author, editor and researcher, specialising in non-fiction. My subject areas cover history/social history, Egyptology, psychology, esoterica and Freemasonry. My books are written/edited under the name Philippa Faulks and include: The Masonic Magician: the Life and Death of Count Cagliostro and his Egyptian Rite, A Handbook for the Freemason’s Wife, The Secrets of Meditation, Henna Magic, Modern Mantras, The Zen Diet, Cagliostro -The Unknown Master.

I am currently the editor of The Square magazine, an online monthly journal for all Freemasons around the world – click here to read.

Aside from an almost pathological obsession with research, my passion is travel; you will see a lot about that on here – predominantly Egypt, which is virtually my second home. Oh, and expect cats – lots of cats, and plants.

My love for writing began at an early age. I was an avid reader as a child and the passion for books and all they entail continues to this day. For me, researching and writing is akin to detective work – the sheer thrill of discovery, of delving into people’s lives, and the places they lived and loved in. Sharing that information is a secondary joy. That is why I love working in all areas of the writing and publishing industry; not only have I have personally experienced the journey from idea to print and beyond but I have helped many others achieve their dream of becoming a published author – you can’t put a price on that! If you’d like to join me in that adventure, look out for my forthcoming courses on how to ‘Write to Publish’.


Literary Consultation

With two decades of experience working as an author, editor and publishing professional, I am able to offer help and advice to those who wish to write and be published. I offer one-to-one or group coaching/consultancy; with courses aimed at newbie writers, established authors, or those interested in a career in publishing. I have completed certified courses with The Publishing Training Centre.


I am passionate about research. One of the most exciting things about writing a book/feature/essay, is the discovery of facts, fictions, and everything in between. The art of being a good researcher is in finding the truth; being as unbiased as possible, and able to resist the inevitable plummet down the rabbit hole! Research and writing is sharing knowledge and that is a powerful, and responsible task.

Editing and Proofreading

My work as an editor and proofreader includes the copy-editing and proofing of mainstream and specialist knowledge non-fiction books, magazines, digital content editing, and clients in the professional sector. I am currently editor of the Square magazine, an online, all digital platform. My specialist expertise covers history, esoteric, ancient and modern Egypt, health, and Freemasonry.


I love travel. Period! Writing researching and travel are a symbiotic threesome. Travel is not just a holiday to the beach or a skiing trip, it is immersion in the world. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, the feel of the culture, a new environment that cries out to be witnessed and documented. I can’t just sit on a beach or stare at my phone on a hotel sun lounger; I have to dip more than a toe – hell, I dive right in!

Travel = people + places = stories. Stories are what connects us all – our histories, our trials and tribulations, our sorrows, joys and successes – all these things are the fabrics of our societies. It’s what makes us tick. It’s what makes a great story!

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

Anaïs Nin